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I'm Karly Branstiter
Appraisal Desk Specialist
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Karly Branstiter
Hello, welcome to my page.

Originally hailing from Nebraska, Karly embarked on her journey in the banking industry in 2016. In 2020, she seamlessly transitioned to the appraisal side of the mortgage industry, swiftly rising to the position of appraisal management.

With a solid foundation built at a major mortgage lender, Karly brings a wealth of experience to our team. As the head of the appraisal department, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Independence Home Loans, proudly steering the ship with precision and expertise.

Karly thrives on collaboration, finding immense joy in working alongside the talented minds that comprise our fantastic team. Her dedication and leadership contribute significantly to the success of our appraisal processes.

Beyond the world of appraisals and mortgages, Karly is an avid reader, a dedicated gardener, and a passionate traveler who seizes every opportunity to explore new destinations. While she excels in her professional pursuits, Karly also values family time dearly, cherishing moments spent with loved ones and her beloved fur babies.

All-in-One Solution

Our Loan Process...


A loan pre-approval sets you up for a smooth home buying experience.


Start working with a real estate agent and viewing homes.


A few documents are needed to get a loan file through underwriting.


Assemble all the necessary paperwork and details for the underwriter.


They closely evaluate all the documentation in the loan package.


Documents are drawn and sent to the title company for closing.

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